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Jun 27, 2012
God At the CrossRoads "out of Print"

My second book, GOD AT THE CROSSROADS, is being taken out of circulation. These things do happen. It was a privilege to write the book and i think it was a bit before its time. But alas, it is going out of print.

The publishing company wrote to me and told me I could buy the remaining stock. When I called to inquire I was shocked to hear that I could buy all the remaining, outstanding, unsold stock for $1.17 per book. That is the unit pricing for the book. $1.17. Wow. They were charging $13.00 for the book. Wow!

So I have decided. The next book (Its almost done) is not going to a publisher. It is going to be distributed electronically for free. If you want to send a donation of $1.17 to your favorite charity, that would be fine with me.

I got paid about $1.25 per book. That means the publishing company made $10 per book. Wow. I got to write the book, and the pimps got most of the money. Something is not right about that. I have no trouble paying people to work. But really…the printers and the author both got screwed on this one. I bet that is true for almost all books published.

If you want a copy…come see me. I'll give you one. or go to Amazon, where they are selling used copies for $3.00. ;-)