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Jun 25, 2007
Planting a church?

Someone recently asked me about how a mainline denomination could start a new plant. Frankly, I don't see that working much. Maybe 1 in 100 succeed. Most start wrong, do poorly and die. Even Many of the "boot camp" models I see are frankly 20 years behind and doomed to frustration and failure.

So if you are going to plant a church, here is my sense of it June 25, 2007:

1. Find your heart burst, what you just can’t live without doing—life is too short to live boring lives...
2. Get a job. A real job, 30 hours a week or more. The day of being paid full time to pastor is just about over except for the large churches. Denominations (mainline and others) fail twice as much if not more than they succeed. If you don’t want to do plant that much, then don’t do this.
3. Equip, Equip. Equip. If you maintain a two class system what you do won’t thrive, might not survive.
4. Pick people God sends you. Jesus didn’t recruit from the local synagoge. Bad DNA. Realize that only about 13% of any given population is in worship in a regular basis. Percepts claims 29% are “active”. I find that very suspicious. It has not been my experience.
5. Understand the radical changes occuring. It is not 2005 anymore.
6. Accept that the number one reason people don’t go to church is they have been there and found death at every corner. Or worse. They have the “born again” boss who is inappropriate. Or worse. Attend three board meetings/council meetings of the churches around you. Then realize they will never change. Don't do anything like that!

Then go out to the highways. Find your microculture of passion. (and these can wife and I have found a new micro-culture...Ballroom dancing”...Great people, more fellowship, fun and joy than I have had in church in twenty years. ) What is your heart aching for?
When you find that you will find people who need a real relationship with the God who is there and who will push you about being real.