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Jun 23, 2010
Moving Time

It is that time of year when many pastors will be moving, changing locations, new appointments, and beginning ministry in a new place. My heart goes out to you! Having walked that walked in my past, I understand the joy/pain/grief/relief/wonder/agony you might be feeling. I have watched my children say goodbye to good friends. I have seen them accepted/rejected by people at the new congregation.

To that end and because of these situations in moving, I would offer you a bit of my insight.

1) Take care of your spouse and children first.
2) Take time between appointments for relaxation. Take all of your vacation the first month.
3) Allow your family to grieve.
4) Know the new place is very similar to the old place. Use that knowledge to set up a realistic agenda for your first month. (I'll say more about that next week)
5) Take care of yourself.
6) Make as many changes as fast as you can (exponential change if more effective than incremental change most of the time).
7) Gain clarity on your purpose and passion.
8) Don't allow anyone to sidetrack you off the purpose/passion.
9) Expect resistance.
10). Lead them to Christ. You have no other reason to be there. No other purpose, no other cause to do what you are doing.