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Jun 22, 2020
BLM, Shaun King and Marx

BLM, Shaun King, and Marx.

Yes all three belong in the same line, the same boat, the same place. All three are distortions and exaggerations fostered on us by racists. I know its hard to believe BLM is racist. But they are. Do native Americans no longer matter? Or Japeness Americans or Chinese Americans, or Latino Americans? BLM is not representative of Black people in the US or in the world. And their leaders are ignorant, no, stupid and void of common sense. Take Mr. Shaun King. Yes you take him, I don’t even know him, but I saw a tweet recently, “I think the statues of the white European they claim is Jesus should also come down....they are a form of white supremacy.” Was the man born and raised on a deserted island and only recently found his way to the USA...Nope. He has been here a long time, but educated in Marxist thought, not reality. Remember Marx and Lenin failed. They murdered millions and they still failed. Mao failed too. I know they “didn’t do it right” Like BLM and Mr, King will. Not!. You see Mr. King, holding “all things in common” is a Christian ideal, started in the first century AD, not by Europeans but by uneducated Galilean followers of Jesus. And it didn’t work then. But you don’t know that do you? Because you hate history.

I remember growing up in Europe and seeing the cornerstone of a large cathedral in Orleans, France. I believe the cornerstone was dated 742. You see Mr. King (and other Marxist/democrats) the cornerstone was laid in 742 AD. Over 1000 years before the country currently known as the USA was even independent. They had a history to that cathedral. They were there when the Romas ruled the world. They planted an oak forest hundreds of years before so they would have the wood they would need to build the cathedral. They understood, in this relatively illiterate society that pictures (wood carvings on the door, marble statues-is the marble racists?) would tell a story that people could see. Wood was not a “color representative of the person of Jesus Christ”, anymore than any artist representation is “100% accurate.” But you see Mr. King has no idea that people have always known that Jesus was a 1st century Palestinian Jew. He didn’t look like me or you or Mr. King, unless you happen to be Palestinian and can trace your linage back to the first century.

But we are to tear down all representations of Jesus that don’t fit what we think he looked like? What are you Mr. King, 3 years old, with the logic of a 2 year old? Should Chinese people not see Jesus as one of them? Or Ethiopian people as black as they? Should the people in Africa, who this very day, are kidnapping young african men and women and selling them into slavery today, not to see Jesus as one of them? (How un Liberation Theological of you even know what that is?”) And are those current African slave sellers to be praised for their color and not their character or lack thereof?

The lack of logic for the radical Marxists leading BLM is they want communism, where they rule. I say you are racists. I recognize the past is full of examples of terrible behavior by all kinds of people. Human kind is on a progressive journey, constantly fighting against evil, such as Marxist communism and poverty, and greed, and worse, ignorance. In his ignorance Mr. King thinks he does not judge. He is in fact judge, jury and executioner of everything he puts his feeble mind too, particularly he wants to kill anything that speaks to the lack he has in himself and the “useful idiots” who like Mr. King have nothing to offer, hate history, want Kohlberg stage 2 answers to stage 7 questions (and yes he has no idea what I am talk about.)

You see it is racist to lift up any race, unless you are lifting up the human race. By saying color is more important than character/moral/value, you undermine values and reduce people to victims who “can’t” rather than as people who “can.” You can’t have it both ways. If you want to be racists and ignorant (but I repeat myself) join the media bloviating about the need for BLM. Ignore all the black people who say this is nonsense. I find it quite humorous that the majority of the supporters of the CHOP or BLM are white or half white people, is that “half-wit”...I don’t know. It might be both.

So what is the solution. Find someway to support yourself instead of pimping for a movement that is recruiting whores to do the work and rely on white John/janes to pay the bills. Read, read history, not a rewrite by some Marxist (who are anti history because it defeats their illogical nonsense). And start a journey toward finding out who you are and why are you here.

At the end of your life, none of your temper tantrums will matter. When you stand before this 1st century Palestinian Jew Yeshua, you will either exalt in the joy of knowing life, love and grace or like Lot’s wife, turn to salt before his gaze. You can burn down the entire world, nothing will stop the appointment you have before this Jew. No amount of whining, no victimization, no “it isn’t fair” is going to work.

Of course Yeshua is a white European. You are an idiot for thinking so. Do you also think the Easter bunny is white? Or Santa Clause really has flying reindeer? Grow up. it is hard, but you might like the complexity and.....You know, “the thing”....