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Jun 22, 2009
Change the Locks

Well if you are a pastor making a pastoral change this summer and moving into a new parsonage-- I have one sentence for you. CHANGE THE LOCKS.

You need all the privacy you and your family can find. One way to do that is to change the locks. Many congregations think since they "own and keep the parsonage" that it means "free access" in the all the rooms of the parsonage.

At one charge I was appointed to I did what I always did, change the locks. The next Sunday one of the members came to me and told me that many were upset that they could not get into the parsonage. I thought only the Trustees of the parsonage had keys. Here almost 25 different families had keys. Some just wanted to see what was in the dresser drawers.

At any rate, change the locks (all the locks). you will enjoy your own privacy much more that way.