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Jun 18, 2009
Flee Socialism::AVOID ABC --yes Im shouting

I have never mentioned much about my political hopes and fears. But it seems like now is not the time to be quiet. All evil needs to succeed is for good people to do nothing." This might offend you. So be prepared. Email me if you like: So here goes.

Having lived in Germany during the cold war, and making many trips through what was then "East Germany", I got to see the results of 20 years of socialism. It wasn't pretty. "West Germany" was flourishing. East Germany was in ruins. The affects of the CCCP (USSR) was clear in East Germany--disaster by the government owning and running every business. I must tell you I am concerned the USA is headed toward such a downturn. Capitalism and democracy are threatened at every turn. Chaos will pursue, collapse will certainly follow. So unless you think the USSR was a shining success I would recommend reading the US Constitution, writing your senators to tell them you think the US Constitution is worth upholding, write ABC (even better avoid them--I am) and tell them you are not in favor of Media sanctioned, state run info-commercials to run on ABC this week.

I think we need less government, not more. I know lots of people might have to, like my wife and I, go to work each day. But somewhere it is written, if you don't work, you have no right to eat. There are plenty of jobs to be done, but few pay as well as the government will pay people to sit on their easy chairs.

If we are going to make head way in the future we need:
Term limits on the bureaucrats. Six years max!
We need to lower the salary of Senators/Congress-people /Representatives/Governors --not raise it. We need to raise the salaries of teachers instead.
Less power to the executive branch of government.
Jefferson said it--Best Government is the least government. We are entering into a Brave New World. Government is not the answer. More government will not fix this. Never has! Never will.