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Jun 14, 2020

We are China and 1984 all rolled up, except in China there is perhaps more freedom and certainly less tolerance for riots, nonsense, and a media that would not dare to criticize the government. I am half way through Fang Fang’s “Wuhan diary”. Amazing how she writes about the catastrophe that killed so many in that city. She writes and she knows it will be censored if not written correctly. The CCP (Chinese Communist Party) is very careful about what it allows its people to say. Post are removed quickly if there is a hint of truth. Just like American news media. People are not free to think out loud. Orwell said it would come to this. And here in the land of Antifa we are seeing that it isn’t enough to have compassion over a corrupt action, we must cowtow or else. Anyone is subject to the draconian mind control of the far left, led by the democrats (Like the super rich and terrible corrupt Nancy Pelosi calling for what 20 years ago would have been scandalous behavior...At least she and her cronies rightly wear the garb of the slave trading Ashanti tribe when then have their photo opts). And mind you the far right isn’t much better. Neither side gives a crap about truth anymore.

I think this fall’s elections will be telling. If the democrats and the far left don’t win, Antifa will riot. They will bring “Red Square” tactics to every major city, every major voice of opposition, for they have defined you and I (moderates, centralists) as the problem. “Silence is violence”..can be uttered by them, as an excuse to be violent. War Is Peace. Have they not read Orwell. Frankly my dear they don’t give a damn, to quote a now banned movie.

If the democrats win, it won’t be enough. The riots will continue. Police are already being told, “if the crime is being committed by a person of color (black), ignore it. Ask them pretty please to not do that, but don’t confront.” If a white person is committing the crime, shoot them. It is politically correct to do so. Now that the rule of law no longer applies, if you try to stop a black person from stealing your stuff, you will be guilty (or dead). And any attempt to make this difference will get you fired, ridiculed, your children will be forced to turn you in.

I hate complainers who don’t offer solutions. its like clergy who love to wear their religion on their sleeves, with fancy words they themselves cant live as they tell you how to live your life. I can’t tell you what to do. I do wish you would think about this. I do hope you vote. It is most likely the last vote you will make in what was a great land.

Most, like Fang, live their lives under the radar, away from the spotlight, away from the brutal non-police (we are defunding them) security brown shirts of the far left. You will have to do that too. You will have to comply...laws that are ridiculous...ideas that are plain crazy will be norm. The nice thing about some of this is a fair group will self sterilize. Children will be rare, except for backwards people living way off the grid. Cities will be deserted of common people, buildings burnt down, politicians (now mostly what were once called “female” (but really you couldn’t tell by looking) will be in charge and live in luxury. Men, now neutered and pandering to their wives, will find prostitution who will have sex with them, as sex with their wives would be a sign of dominance no politically astute woman would allow. And the Chinese will own everything and with the backing of the democrats and far left, be welcomed as hero’s. Until they start coming for the far left. But by then, gangs will be murdered, dissent will be killed, guns, religion, free speech, rights will cease to exist or only exist underground, secretly. DC will be a ghost town of rats and democrats (but I repeat myself).

Voting will never be enough. It doesn’t matter who votes. it matters who counts the votes.

So what will help?

I fear only two things will help. One of them will only help a few. The other will kill the many.

The few: Jesus. Knowing Jesus will help. It will return you to morality. The entire New Testament, even the parts you don’t like about sexuality and morality will be the one thing that will help. The South Koreans and the Africans will help here. They have tried to help the US for years, but so many, like the United Methodist church, turn their backs on truth and worship the lie instead of the creator, thus keeping vast numbers trapped in a life style that kills. So many partially trans gendering young adults kill themselves after buying the lie then finding out how terrible their decisions have been. The same with so many women who choose to kill their babies and now can’t sleep because they here their babies screaming at them from beyond. It’s called Post Abortion Syndrome. But the UMC (and most denominational churches) are living Romans 1:18 to the end—-read it while you can, even though know you will be ridiculed for thinking it might be so.

The many killed: If I tell you what that is, this post, my job, my life will be at risk. Call me, I might talk to you about it. But for today, here isn’t the USSA (pre-China rule, but already socialist tyranny state) freedom of speech no longer exists.