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Jun 13, 2005
Its That Time of Year

Well it is that time of year..
No not spring...
Not summer.....

It is moving time for many United Methodist pastors. The time when they have packed their belongings, said good bye to many friends (and a few who aren't very friendly) and now travel some distance to say hello to new friends (and some who won't be very friendly).

It was always a painful time for me. People who came to a new experience of God's grace and love in Jesus were now launched out to build relationships with others who I hoped would help them, lead them and care for them. Most times that is how it works. Sure while there is grief (on everyone's part) and sure while an interim pastor would work really well in most cases, we just can't afford that with so many moving each year.

So what I propose you who are moving do this year is simple.
First, as you leave, gather the people and pray. Pray long and hard. Pray for God's way in your midst.
Second as you come to a new place, pray. Pray long and hard. Pray for God's way in your midst.
Third, take care of your self and your family. Make sure you find someone who can help with the grief. C.S. Lewis said, "No one ever told me that grief felt so much like death." Each good bye is a grief. Some painful, some bitter, some a breath of fresh air.
Fourth, use this new start as a time for new beginnings, new life, new direction, and new purpose. Don't make the mistake of wasting these first few months "getting to know and love others". You will have a few years for that. Use this time to let your passion for living for Jesus Christ out of your heart, mind, even pours. Let them see Jesus! Let them see Jesus living in and through you. Let them find that past the pain of grief, God stands, pointing to the fields white for harvest.

It is that time of the year
when hearts break,
when moving vans carry off stuff and you leave part of your soul behind
when your watch your children say good bye to friends and you are tempted to doubt God, hate the system and wish you sold cars.
when you and your spouse will find a new home, new friends, new direction, and new sense to your call.

It is that time of the year.

Moving time!

I'll be praying!