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Jun 03, 2012

"Change happens. Sometimes for good- to effect change in the lives of others/self/the world. Sometimes not so good- when those with little ability want to retire benefitting from someone else's work and passion. Sometimes to one's highest level of ineffectiveness- a place where the ineffective are kept from hurting others."

I have recently seen the updated list of a group of people who each year are terrorized by their superiors. Each year "March Madness" begins in basketball and clergy all around America brace up for "the call"-no its not a call to follow God. Its a call to abandon all the dreams, hard work, and all the relationships they have given their blood sweat and tears to for the past years. Some groups think that moving people every so often keeps these clergy and their families "fresh, alive with new opportunities". It is working so well we are closing over 3000 churches a year. This nonsense, called "itineracy", ruins more lives than we know or even care about. (This is all part of a larger demonic heresy I'll talk about later this summer when (if) I am allowed to finish my new book, which I will offer for free on the internet in an interactive blog format.)

In the 30+ years I have been watching this "March Madness" and it cousin, "June Move Dates" I have noticed three things that I noted in my opening paragraph.

Some moves are good for both the churches and the clergy. This does happen. You can't argue these facts. Some churches, barely surviving the last clergy need someone who can really help them become Christ centered places for the lost/marginalized/people of every community who need hope, purpose, and life. The ineffective clergy gets the blessing of moving and having a different congregation infected with his/her virus of irrelevancy.

That is where some moves aren't good. These previously functional congregations will now have to suffer through irrelevancy or worse. They will hear how they were not loyal to the organization, how the previous clergy person was not properly aligned with main organization and how all those changes (even if the previous clergy was effective) really weren't helpful. After all loyalty to the dying denomination is ALWAYS more important than leading people to new life in Jesus.

more next week...