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Jul 29, 2005
Ministry Link--a yahoo group worth joining!

There is this great group of people who are focusing on getting really serious enjoying Jesus (Blue Like Jazz), living recklessly, willing to die for the heart of the King (McManus-Barbarian Way). We meet regularly, share our journey, encourage each other, share deep thoughts and try to keep each other out of trouble. Yes denominationally inclined folk tend to get irritated at us. Tough, what would you expect of a dying system? A warm welcome for those of us who seem to them like Barbarians? Heck no! They want us living in the hills not in their wonderful cities. Unless, unless they are being attacked--then, then they call for us.

Right now most are content that we stay to ourselves, outside the city. but there is wonderful move of the Holy Spirit that is beginning to sweep even denominational congregations. Oh the controllers won't like it. So what, did you expect people who worked for the pension to be happy about those of us who are willing to die for the heart of the King? Would you expect those who hate warriors to welcome us in open arms? I don't.

But that is the neat thing about this group. We aren't even close to being perfect. We have more questions than answers. But we seem to have a passion for Jesus that drives us. We come from all over the country, all denominations. We ask hard questions.

Interested? Well contact Stephen Portner (he is the portal through which you must pass to join this group) at He will ask you a few questions. If you are a denominational official you must swear on your pension that you will never break confidentialities of this group (if you do, its simple, you send Steve your pension).

Yes we have had people "tattle tell" on others. Sad, but denominational life is like that. We want the rules (when it suits us and our demonic need for power) and we ignore the rules when they keep us from what we want. Don't ask me how I know, but I know this happens.

So if you need some encouragement, want to read some great books, need prodded to live more sold out for Jesus, join us. If you think that Lyle Schaller is a radical that can't be trusted, then perhaps you better not join. You might have the hell scared out of you.

See you in a few days--eight to be precise. I'm taking a needed break from this demon call the Internet.

(If you don't know which parts of the post were jokes, don't join the group, take a vacation, stop reading the book of order, see a movie, eat some junk food, drink some coffee, and get a life.) Still don't know? Sad!