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Past Updates

Jul 22, 2005
Lime--David Crowder Band

Eight Songs!! One CD. Lime.

From the first note this is a great worship experience. David has the passion I look for in people called to lead worship. But be ready....this is not your usual worship CD. This is "undignified". Hard, rocky, filled with passionate people giving their all to God in worship.

this week someone asked me, "what do you do when you need to be lifted up, inspired?" How would you answer that? How many of us put that CD of the last sermon we heard? Not me at least. I turn to music.

Well Lime had me shouting, dancing, raising my hands and generally being "undignified". by the way, yes Undignified is one of my favorite cuts on the CD...
I will dance
I will sing
to be mad for my King
for the Lord is soon to bring a passion to my soul.

I will become even more undignified than this.

Will you?
Some will say this is foolishness

The CD has a few "old" songs (Every move I make", "heaven came down") but even these songs are given a new twist. The CD is filled with passion, with hearts sold out to Jesus. And David? what can you say, he is undignified.

And in the back of the hall can you see him, standing, pleased that at least some of his chlidren are so passionate, so foolish that they will dance, sing, clap and shout God's great love.

I will not be silent.
I will not be quiet anymore.
I will make a joyful noise to the Lord,
a loud, joyful, exuberant, undignified
noise unto the Lord.

these eight songs are worth the bucks!