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Jul 18, 2005
Books Worth Reading

People ask me often "what are you reading?"

Here is small sampling of books I would suggest to you: (in order of my favorites).

Most current reads :
Blue Like Jazz-- Donald Miller
Searching for God Knows What--Donald Miller
Jesus in the Margins---Rick McKinley
A Generous Orthodoxy—Brian McClaren (anything he writes is great!)

Other great reads:
The Birth of the Chaordic Age—Dee Hock
Messy Spirituality---Mike Yaconelli
Making Sense of the Church—Spencer Burke and Colleen Pepper
Doing Church as a Team—Wayne Cordeiro
The Emerging Church, and Emerging Worship—Dan Kimball
Fling Open the Door, and Spiritual Amnesia—Paul Nixon

Also, anything by Bill Easum, Tom Bandy, Beth Moore, Terry Teykl and Leonard Sweet.

The Presence Based Church--Terry Teykl
Worship Evangelism—Sally Morganthaller
To Know You More—Any Park
The Unquenchable Worshipper—Matt Redman
Extravagant Worship---Darlene Zschech

Cell Groups:
Dream and You Will Win the World!--Cesar Castellanos.
Successful Leadership through the Government of 12—Ceasar Castellanos

And you want some fun?
Men at Work—George Will (all about baseball!)

enjoy the rest of the summer--

some of us do a book study each month or so. Check it out at