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Jul 17, 2007
Leadership, postmodern

I was sent this post today. You really ought to read it.

Kingdom Leadership in the Postmodern Era
By Leonard Hjalmarson

Did you read the article? Nothing I say below will make much sense till you do.

I know many people think (and some say to me) that I am really getting too close to the edge when I talk about how the hierarchal top down system we call 'church' is dying. I know many people cherish "the church"; they have found a great deal of peace, meaning, joy, and valuable friendships in "church". I know that more and more people tell me they are leaving church to preserve their faith. They can no longer sit, listen, be nice, and give money, to an institution that undermines their core values and bedrock beliefs. Many can't pay for overseers who never been effective pastoring and who now sit in authority over effective pastors. Many can't pay for all those bricks and stones when people are dying. Many can't attend one more meeting that talks an issue to death without ever lifting a finger to do anything that would change the life of one person. Many can't attend too many more "services" that bore, irritate and manage to make the greatest news in the world seem irrelevant.

I am one of those who have found more of Jesus on the street than in the pews. I am one of those who have very little room left in my life for anything that attempts to make me compromise my beliefs and values with narrow minded, ineffective, top down modern “leaders”.

What about you?