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Jul 07, 2005
Again, this time London

The world is rocked again by those who have either no sense of the meaning of life or whose world view is so screwed up that they think killing innocent people is a laudable goal. The death count will rise quickly and continue over the next few days. My first reaction was/is human. Pain, anger, frustration. My second reaction is to fall on my knees and to pray (although I admit I wonder about that in times like these).

People will be in worship this week with deep and hard questions. Will you be brave and face them or will you give them sugar coated, white American Jesus?

People will come to worship angry, revengeful, with hatred in their hearts.

People will come confused, wondering how and why God would allows this in life (let alone all the tragic accidents that happened all over the world and in my community the last few days).

People will come.

What will you and your team give them?
Glossed over pain?
Depressed hand wringing?
A Christian Jihad?

Or the way of Jesus. I know it is a pain, it doesn't make sense (in a worldly way) to follow Jesus to look to Jesus to see that he had a word for this craziness. Yes he had a word for us, he uttered it on the cross and it is a word that drives me crazy, that drives me to the end of myself, that makes me ask myself a thousand times, "do I really want to follow this guy?"

That word is "forgive them."

I'm working on that. Believe me I am working on that, I don't have it down.
I wrestle with it, I fight with it, I wonder about it.
then I look at it from a perspective I don't often have, from the long term eternal perspective--"though He kill me yet I will trust Him." and in the process I will forgive those "who don't know what they are doing".

I will not curse,
I will bless, and hope and pray and cry, and scream and lose sleep.

and I will work to "forgive them". Why?
Because that is what Jesus did and he did the right thing,
No He was/is/will be the right thing