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Jul 04, 2019
Happy July 4th

For the last decade many of my Democratic friends have continued to tell me “we are not after all your guns“. It has always been a lie. I’ve noticed a huge drop off of those voices on Facebook, now that the left wing has completely devoured the Democratic Party. Now they’re stuck with a party that hates America, hates freedom, promotes racial division, and panders around like whiny babies, even threatening to nuke those who won’t surrender all their firearms. The next Civil War might be on the horizon. No, the United States is not perfect, but having traveled the world and seen many political systems, I will argue that the US is the best country on the planet. No other society would allow the freedoms we have in this country. On this July 4 it might be important to remember that thousands of people gave their lives, their fortunes, and pledge their sacred honor To throw off the tyranny and be a free people, in a free nation. Jefferson said we might have to fight this fight again when tyrannical people attempt to destroy this great land. If the Democratic clowns currently debating to be the next president win the 2020 election you better be prepared. If you don’t like the Constitution, go to Cuba or China.