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Jul 03, 2020
Good People Do Nothing

It is July 3 of 2020...a year, (so far) in which lawlessness, long a facet of the Democratic party (slavery, civil war, KKK, voting against the civil rights act, wearing clothing of the slave traders, supporting Antifa, and well, the list is never ending) has run rampant across so many cities (governed by Dem) and states (governed by Dems).

Saturday is the birthday of this country. July 4. The revisionist are full of shit. This is a great country, its not perfect but it is, or was, and can be great again. If you don't like this country work peacefully all you can to change what you don't like. Martin Luther King Jr reminded us in 1967 that if you promote violence you will reap violence. The violence has to stop or there will be another war, and the last time I looked, minority opinions have lost every war. Those who love America, people of all races, are tired of the violence. I echo the words of the American who lost a son in the CHOP zone of Seattle. Yes, this young American was shot and killed, as were two other teenage boys and a third wounded, in this communist, violent, Antifa organized mob rule over a city. Glad I don’t live there.

Soon you will be either doing something about this violence or you will be a victim of your own inaction, and consequently the cause of the of the violence you allow. Your inaction to confront evil, (Antifa and the dems who support them are evil) is you giving permission for the destruction of this society. “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” ― Edmund Burke.

The police, now that they are personally liable for lawsuits brought forth by evil people and corrupt lawyers, will no longer be able or willing to protect you. You think the 1508 people who have been shot in Chicago so far this year is bad? You have not seen anything, and this kind of violence is coming to your village soon. Just do nothing. It will arrive.

The military is not going to intervene. It is not the duty of the US military to kill US citizens. Why would they risk their lives to protect people who are doing nothing to stop the violence (and taking firearms from legal non-violent people is worse than doing nothing, and will cause a war the dems can't win. You have the media, but you don't have enough firepower to prevent the storm coming for you if you try to disarm or infringe in ANY way our God given rights.