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Jan 31, 2007
St. Valentine's Day...

The Sunday before Valentineís Day is a great day to focus on the special relationship between a husband and wife. While many pastors wait until June to focus on marriages, the society makes a huge deal of Valentineís day.

You can cruise over to Wikipedia and find everything you didnít want to ('s_Day) know about the day.

Why not use the opportunity to be relevant to your world and community by talking frankly about love and marriage.

Love and Marriage, are grossly misrepresented in both the media and in local congregations. One extreme is to think that marriage and love have little to do with each other. The other extreme is to think the local congregation is immune from the pain of failed marriages and divorce.

Divorce rates in the US are at 38%, down from ( 47% in 2000. While that is great news, marriages are failing in the church and few are doing much about it.

Some questions you might ponder with your team or leader are:
1. How is/are your marriage/s?
2. How might we help marriages in this congregation?
3. The Alpha people have a course on Marriage. ( ) which might be helpful for marriages in your congregation.