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Jan 30, 2008
Know When to Fight

1 Timothy 6:12 Fight the good fight of faith.”

My first year as a pastor I asked a friend who was retiring after 50 years in ministry what was the best advice he would give someone just beginning ministry. His reply to me was “know when to fight and when you fight, win.”

Let me address the first part of this sage advice.

There are many issues which will come into your life as you attempt to pastor a congregation. There will be many people who will fuss about the location of the trash cans or who will fuss about the way your family looks or other seemingly nonessentials of life.

Most of the time these are fights you will lose.

Move the trash can and someone will move it back, frequently, often and with force, even bolting the bugger to the floor if they need to win.

Know when to fight.

There is a time to stand and fight. You can’t back down from the purpose or mission of the church. You can’t allow the church to be simply a “fund raising” business. You can’t back down when the principles (values and beliefs) are run over as if they don’t matter.

Way too often we fight over unimportant things and allow really crucial thing to go by the way side. Many believe “peace at any cost” is really peace.

If you are going to take your congregation to a greater level of faithfulness and effectiveness, you will need to fight the crucial battles. Purpose and Principles are always worth fighting about...Always!

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