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Jan 27, 2014
Sitting in the Light

Winter can be depressing for many. While others enjoy the brisk cold, some perfer to dream of (or go) warmer climates. It is a fact that many find these cold winter days depressing. They even have a diagnosis for it...SAD--Seasonal Affected Disorder. It is real, it is painful, and in a few months it will not be as bad.

One cure for SAD is getting enough exposure to light. You can go to Florida or you can purchase a light to burn in your home---but you have to sit infront of that light for at least an hour a day. Many have told me they get more energy and feel less depressed when they sit in the light. No wonder. Light has many healing properties.

Jesus said he was the Light of the world. I often wonder if we sat more in His light, if we would not be so upset or pained by life. I know that spending an hour in His light each day, will lighten (and brighten) our mood.

Like many I will rejoice when the days are longer, and I can spend more time sitting in the light.

Books to read:
Waiting on God by Simone Wiel
My Utmost for His Highest--Oswald Chambers
Sit Walk Stand--Watchman Nee