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Past Updates

Jan 21, 2008

Ephesians 4:12 “to equip the believers for their work (ministry).

Someone once told me that effective pastors don’t:

“Preach, teach, arbitrate church fights, spend hours in the office, counsel nor go to meetings or visit.”

I asked, “then what do they do?”

The reply was one word.

If you are the pastor you have only one job. Equip.

Shirely Peddie has a great book (The Lost Art of Mentoring) where she desribes the three principles of mentoring/equiping:

Lead, Follow, and Get out of the way.

Lead: recruit, teach, demonstrate, show,

Follow: allow those you lead to do what you do and then offer your insight (when asked or when needed). Important: Don’t micro manage! DO-allow others to try their wings and be near enough catch them if they fall.

Get out of the way: Allow people to find their own place, their own ministry.

I have a 12 week course I teach on helping people find their calling and get equipped to do it well. Email me and I will send you the workbook.