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Jan 20, 2009
Preparing for Change

What a historic day in the US!

We transition power from one view to another in peace. Makes me glad to be an citizen. No overthrows of power, but a peaceful transition.

Unfortunately the peace usually doesn't last. Congress, elected on promises they can't keep and spending money they don't have, will affect you and every member of your congregation.

Peace that lasts only comes from Jesus. The temptation will be to think that this historic day will keep people from sin. It won't. The temptation will be to think that now with both houses of government and the presidency all on one side they will be able to push us to health, wealth and prosperity. Nothing could be further from the truth.

So I ask you to pray. Ask God to show us the way to peace, the way to justice for it is the way of Jesus, who is The Truth.

The will require us to prepare for Change, radical substantive change, not simply the change of the sophists and speech writers.

But enough for today. I will allow the medicative drugs of power and prestige to have a day to wallow. Tomorrow the real work begins.