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Jan 16, 2013
The Lame Speech by the Lame POTUS

Well we heard from the POTUS today. Illogical, irresponsible, and stupid are the words that strike me. The issue isn't guns. The issue is the decline of morality in America. He wants the schools to be safe! Great! Then arm the citizens, make Schools, Malls, Theaters, Colleges, and Chicago street corners a place where armed guards and armed citizens can assemble. In every place where there are gun free zones, there are criminals with guns. IN every place where the citizens can carry, the criminals know better than to show their guns.

If you want to argue this with me, write me ( and we can argue facts not emotions.

The right thing is to keep our rights, not emotionally twist things to suit your hidden agenda--registering and then taking our guns.

Unless I missed something, this was a lame POTUS knowing he can't get a inch with this nonsense. What a waste of breath.

so now we know that nothing will done, we can move back to life.

thanks POTUS…