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Jan 14, 2005


Each month, usually by the third week I will feature a review on a current “worship” CD. I am passionate about worship, real worship—not the stand up/sit down mindless ritual found in so many contemporary and traditional congregations. I look for music/songs that draw us closer to God, into that area where God is able to touch our hearts and minds and from which we emerge changed, transformed. Sometimes the worship CD will be Christian, sometime it might be songs which are buried on albums which you might think aren't very Christian. (For example, Alison Krause and Union Station do some great worship songs, because Ron Block-banjo/guitar, has a heart for Jesus. Look at their song “There is a Reason.” What a great song for worship, mostly overlooked by the Christian community.)

Matt Redman, lead worshipper at Soul Survivor in Warfard, England, is passionate about leading believers into the presence of Jesus. He has a great book The Unquenchable Worshipper (Regal/Gospel Light, 2001, Ventura CA 122 pages). This small and powerful book is essential reading for worship leaders.
“The heart of God loves a persevering worshipper who, though overwhelmed by many troubles, is overwhelmed even more by the beauty of God.” P. 25
Matt has written such worship favorites as: the Heart of worship; Better is One Day; Let Everything that Has Breath, and Your are Worthy.

His latest album (FACEDOWN) is a great tool to draw us in to see the beauty of God in the midst of troubles. Each song draws you deeper. Some will have you on your feet (Dancing Generation). Some will have you on your knees (Your are Worthy-with Chris Tomlin or my favorite, Seeing You).

Yet clearly the title track and cover photo are the heart of this guy, FACEDOWN. Matt is facedown before Jesus. Awed by God’s love, singing of what he has seen, known, tasted and now shares. Matt takes us with him on his personal worshipful devotion. What a privilege to be invited in.

If you only have cash for one CD this year, this is the one. In the weeks ahead you will hear all these songs on Christian Radio and in you local worship center. You will be even more blessed to turn off the TV and listen, no worship with this CD.

Jeff in snowy PA
January 14, 2005