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Jan 13, 2020
The climate Change fraud...

I like Ms. Greta, a little. She is 16, paid well by unknown sources, making a financial killing, traveling and polluting the world and she is passionate—at least she throws a great tantrum. But she is woefully inaccurate, narrowly focused and blatantly wrong. Watch the video I posted last week by Greenpeace C0-founder, Patrick Moore, not a “right-wing denier” by far.

So I challenge all you who agree with Greta, that the world should shun fossil fuel NOW! as she has just released a statement seeming to say that. Ok. If you agree and you think now is the time, even with no factual proof of anything that merits a crisis. Yes, Australia was SET on fire by climate fanatics (24 currently arrested, 180 more being questioned) And yes, if you set over 1000 fires in a dry place you will have a firestorm that you can’t put out. But what if the small, very small, I mean really tiny rise in temperature over the last 160 years (1.5 digress C) is caused by, not people, but the SUN. I can hear Greta screaming, “STOP IT SUN. YOU HAVE STOLEN MY CHILDHOOD.” Unfortunately, the Sun is not listening, at least not yet.

But let’s say you are still in her camp. Ok, no fossil fuel, immediately. the following is an extrapolation from Moore’s prophetic words about the results of believing the fraud of climate change and listening to naive but well-paid propagandists like Ms. Greta.

So. Where do you get your food? If you don’t grow it, you must now starve. What about your employment? Abandon the car. You must ride a bicycle to get there or ride a horse. Ah, but you can’t have rubber tires on the bike, or metal on the frame, or plastic anywhere all the result of fossil fuels, coal, coke. Or your horse saddle? Did you build it from the cowhide of the last cow you butchered for food? Nope, then bareback is your option. Now, what about your shoes, or clothes, all the result of fossil fuel…and yes, there will be no electricity, (it really doesn’t come from your wall you know) no heating fuel, and because it is January, there will soon be no trees, as they will be cut down (like in India) to provide heat and fire for warmth and cooking what little food you might have grown and stored. Now there are some people who are off-grid…hope they are well-armed, because the millions who live in our cities, who think electricity and heat come from the wall, will be moving out of these cold, empty, starving dead zones and they will be looking for food, water, trees. And did I say, employment? yes, that will now be survival. There won’t be anything, no factories, no plants, no steel, no glass, nothing but chaos.

And to think we did all of this because Al Gore and the 97% was a fraud, nope it is a fraud. But hey…They got rich and now most think the sky is falling.