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Jan 10, 2005
Don't Just "Give it a Rest"

Happy New Year! Again.

Well Easter is just around the corner. March 27 to be exact. That is about as early in the calendar years as you can get. So what are you doint to prepare?
Wait I can hear you screaming, "Christmas was just two weeks ago, give it a rest."

Well I wish I could give it a rest, but I find that usually congregations spend way too much time "giving it a rest." With so many natural disasters occuring, perhaps we don't have time to "give it a rest". Perhaps you might use this Easter season as a time to "do something" instead of rest, give it your best.

I am not trying to add anything to your plate. I am trying to see what is on your plate that you might remove and what might be the one thing on your plate (right now) that you need to focus on.

This past week, talking to a local pastor, I said "you have 60 minutes to change the world each Sunday. What are you doing with each moment?"

I would ask you the same question. As you prepare for Easter (pretty much an in house holiday--most of the world could care less), what are you doing to help those who will worship with you, to change your world.

I would suggest that you now is the time to empower, equip and release more of your congregation to discover and do the ministry God has called them to.

If I can help you in that process, email me. I would love the opportunity to help you give it your best."

Oh, you might find an interesting discussion on empowering your people, currenntly going on on "ministrylink" a Yahoo forum. You can participate by going to the group on the web, go to: and subscribe. You can then access the archived post.