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Jan 06, 2006
Persons of the Year

If you haven't read the Time "persons of the year" article by Nancy Gibbs I
would recommend it... (12/26/05 pp. 44,45 Time)

As you may or may not know, Bono as well as Bill and Melinda Gates were
chosen as this years picks, mostly for their work in helping the poor.

Here are some excerpts from the article. I'll break them down into obvious
and implied.

"This is not about pity. It's more about passion." (read purpose)
"Pity sees suffering and wants to ease the pain;
"Passion sees injustice and wants to settle the score.
"Pity implores the powerful to pay attention:
"Passion warns them about what will happen if they don't.
"The risk of pity is that it kills with kindness;
"the promise of passion is that it builds on the hope
"that the poor are fully capable of helping themselves if given the

To me that has huge implications for those in the trenches of church
transformation. All those mercy gifts won't help much. You will have to
learn to think a new way about pity (mercy) and passion (purpose).

Here are some other lines about Bono I found intriguing;
"invites everyone into the game"--the goal of the five fold gifts is
precisely this...invite everyone into the game--not sit the bench.
"If they hold back they are missing something." Luke warm has never
been a very valuable situation in the church, has it?
"He was genuine" Integrity, integrity, integrity...
"Nothing to gain personally"--put your security and retirement
aside...what is Jesus calling you to?
"opened himself up to criticism"--I would venture to say you can't do
anything well without risking the voice of the you think
controllers, or those with no passion will sit idle by while you destroy the
comfort they have worked so hard to create?

And then finally this thought from Gates:

"Think globally. Act carefully. Prove what works. Then use whatever
levers you have to get it done."

Personal implications from all this:
If they get this, why can't the people following Jesus get it?
We must "change the world" by our passionate involvement in it, in teams
(always more than the sum of our parts).
We must make "mercy smarter and hope strategic and dare the rest to
You matter!
You can!
Find a team and do it!
do it now!
Do it with passion!

"Get interested, get mad and get to work"

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