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Jan 05, 2007
2007 Time For A New Start

While I know we should never "re-invent" the wheel, I also know we can and should be doing something very differently in our congregations. The constant decline in participation by the populations ought to be a clue.

So why do we do what we do?

Take worship (or any aspect of congregational life) for example.

If you could change anything, what would worship look like?

Question everything in this process.
What would you change?
What would you keep?
And Why?

Does saying the Lord's Prayer in 12.3 seconds accomplish anything?
Does singing two fast songs, one slow song and a prayer accomplish anything?
Paul said the preaching of the most gifted was so poor (Living Bible)...if that is so, why are we doing this? How can we do this better? What is the point?

If everything should serve our purpose (what some used to call "mission") then why are we serving turkey dinners or having "single dances"?

If everything should come forth from our passion for Jesus and the principles we live by, why are we doing so much that only greases our own wheels?

What if your small group or Sunday School Class could not meet again until you have accomplished your purpose?

What if worship would be cancelled unless it can be shown to do more than raise money?

What if no one would preach again until you can demonstrate that the purpose was accomplished by this use of time?

What if we would change anything and everything to accomplish the purpose God has called us for?

The time for a new start is now