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Jan 04, 2005
New Years Prayer

It is 2005! I pray that your year will be filled with wonder, awe, excitment and passion for life, love and the mission! I am excited to see how God will contiinue to refine and enrich the Church around the world and even in the United States. So many wonderful stories to be told of the way God is bringing new life to congregations all across the country. It was my joy to be part of that new life in many congregations last year. This year I look forward to working with as many congregations as God sends my way. I hope that as you cruise this web site you will be inspired to make 2005 the best year ever!

also, some sites you might want to check this week:

I also can't move much past the horror and pain caused by the tsunami last week in South Asia. I hope you continue to pray and that you find it in your heart to send a cash donation to the relief agency of your choice. Even $10.00 will make a huge difference.

for more information see: