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Feb 25, 2021
Equities Act and Why I am opposed to it.

Equality Act and why I am opposed to it. *(letter to democratic representatives, sent 2/2/21)

As the United States’ existence as a representative republic enters its’ death spiral, I though I would take time to write you. I know we have nothing in common. I don’t expect you would even take notice of opinions that interfere with your desire to destroy this country. But Ezekiel says we are obligated to warn people when they are committing acts that lead to their eternal destruction. Only the Almighty can change the course of this death spiral. Of that I am sure. And I am sure one day God’s graceful forbearance of the immorality you are supporting will find you woefully unprepared for your appointed future.

So much of what I was concerned with about the fate of the USA has come true. Now that your party (the Communist Party in the US, formerly the Democratic Party) controls all three branches of Government I was expecting draconian logic, policies and generally lack of logic, science and financial responsibility. You have exceeded my expectations in exponential fashion. Good is bad, up is down, in is out, war is peace, lies are truth, whores are decent people, morality is evil, races are incapable of harmony. George Orwell would be proud of you. You have done what he thought could only occur in totalitarian dictatorships, which is exactly what the US is becoming under the leadership of Chairman XI, who controls your unduly elected president, the now demented Joe Biden.

The Equality Act is on its face Unconstitutional and a violation of many of the Amendments we used to call the Bill of Rights (a document I’m sure you will destroy, even as many in your party want to do away with all the foundational documents, like the US Constitution). I will do all I can to hinder those who promote such pathology in every arena I can to protect our society.

With a Ph.D in personality Theory, and 40 years practice as a marriage and family counselor, I see the Equality Acts as pathological, both in it scope and lack of scientific evidence to support it. I’m sure you will pass this as it falls in line with making the American society mentally unstable, dysfunctional and incapable of sustaining normal life. For example:

Girls are girls. Boys are boys. Check between their legs, it will tell you.

When patients told me the rock “talks to them” or that they are Napoleon Bonaparte, I know right away they are mentally ill. When an person tells me they are now no longer what they biologically are, that is not a preference, that is psychosis. A 48%+ suicide rate among the transgendered community is clear evidence of the results of that psychosis.

Girls sports will be destroyed by this nonsense. Where are the feminist who have fought long and hard for women’s rights? Crickets. I would think only the fear of murder of their children would keep them quiet. But they are quiet. If biological men (no matter the level of their psychopathology) are allow to compete “head to head” against women, there will be no women left in that sport. But you don’t care.

I understand the proclivity of some of our populations to be sexual with goats, dogs, horses (all former clients of mine) and other perversions. I understand that is an extension of a society that is dying. Evolutionary that is absurd. And not more than 40 years ago, all of these were considered psychotic perversions which a healthy society can not allow. I know you would be for decriminalizing pedophilia, eventually having that psychotic behavior joining the psychopathology of other sexually perverted and evolutionary dysfunctional behavior. Yes, humans are sexual. Yes humans act out in many ways which are not healthy. Making it legal is not going to make society better. It is going to divide us even further (as is the intention of the Equality Act).

Covid and the debt.

The draconian and unscientific response to Covid is, as Justin Treudow has said, “is a great way to start the GREAT RESET”. I am sure you are in favor of the DAVOS Agreement. Thus I am not surprised by your support for killing the American economy. Adding $1,900,000,000,000 to our $26,000,000,000,000 dollar debt is a most efficient way to usher in the GREAT RESET. What is particularly troubling is that a country in this amount of debt can not afford the pork barrel you and your party are putting forward. But you don’t care about the future. It is already squandered and now demented Joe is serving the CCP to his full extent. And most of the money in the $1.9 trillion pig fest going to things that will kick back the money to you and not help the USA. Wonderful!

Even with all of that I have hope. There is slow train coming. 2022 is coming,screaming down the track, with the hope that those you have not killed or placed in Nazi re-education camps, will rise , remove most of you from office and perhaps return the ruins of a once great land to a small level of morality and decency. It is my hope this train not only emerges but runs you and your party our of existence. I know the communist Chinese will assist you. I fear not for that. I fear for the children of this great land that you are killing (3000 a day) and for your soul at the end of your lives. The best way to cure a person from Cancer is to completely and thoroughly remove the cancer (tumor) before it kills the person. I think that analogy fits the current cancer of Socialism and communism in the US.

I wish there was a way to avoid the inevitable future. But your party will not stop til you either destroy this great country or the country rises up and destroys your party. I know that over 100,000,000 are preparing for the worst. I believe you think these people will roll over and obey your immoral policies. To counter your GREAT RESET, I have joined the GREAT RESISTANCE. Jefferson said there would come a day when we would have to wrestle our freedoms back from the hands of totalitarian despotic leaders, like you. You think we won’t interfere. We will not only interfere we will arise and as in 1776 we will break the backs of those who hate freedom. This is not a threat. This is a promise. Keep pushing your agenda. The back lash might not be soon, or clear. But it is inevitable. You might not want to be in the way when that occurs.

The Reverend Jeffrey H. Patton, Ph.D