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Past Updates

Feb 24, 2007
God is Still Doing Great Things!

Just getting in from a wonderful weekend Prayer Seminar. I am wired, wide-awake and thanking God for these days. God is still doing great things!

The people attending the seminar were eager to learn, open, and ready for all that God might have for them. I am thrilled to say that one woman gave her life to Jesus tonight! Many others devoted themselves more fully to God. Quite a few sensed a call from God for ministry. Others were finding and using the gifts the Holy Spirit was giving to people tonight.

Prayer. Intercession, Wisdom, discernment, words of wisdom and knowledge, are a few of the gifts that were obvious tonight.

If you really want to turn your congregation around, contact me about bringing my prayer team to your town. It just might turn you upside down.

Thanks for praying!

We will be praying for you!

Shine Bright