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Feb 23, 2005
Spiritual War

This week I am leading an online forum on Spiritual warfare in a postmodern world. Just like the first century there are spiritual realities we must deal with if the church is going to thrive. Just like the first century there are a many gods in our world, even many "unknown gods" .

It falls to us to make known the One and only God. When you start talking and thinking like that, this very pluralistic world gets all upset. For me the issue is more like, how can I know and live for Jesus and not be excited and want others to know and how can I do that and not be a bigot and not compromise what I know for peace at any cost?

In this week long forum we will cover:
Spiritual Warfare for Beginners
Surrendering Ground
Reclaiming Surrendered Ground
Preparing for Battle
Winning the War

If you are interested, go to and join the community. If you want a taste of what I am posting, go to I am posting things there as well.

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