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Feb 21, 2006
My Jesus

February 21, 2006

My Jesus—Todd Agnew

Two weeks ago I told you to go listen to Todd’s lastest CD and especially to listen to the song MY JESUS. I got this email today from a Christian Music service that referred me to the following web page .

It is worth the trip. For those of us over 50 with no children in the nest, you might want to cruise around Todd’s site to see what young adults are about. Check into your “mySpace” location…oh that’s right you don’t have one. So go to Todd’s. Get a sense of what his life is about and what caused him to write this song.

Mind you the song is raw, real, fresh, and painful.

My Jesus would never be accepted in your church.
The blood on feet might stain the carpet.”


It is a great song.

I want to be like “my Jesus”.

And if that offends you, then I guess Todd wrote the correct words…

Jesus has a way of being a stumbling block to many.