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Feb 16, 2011
Thought and Purpose

"Until thought is linked with Purpose there is no intelligent accomplishment..Aimlessness is a vice and such drifting must not continue for him/her who would steer clear of catastrophe and destruction." James Allen, AS A MAN THINKETH p, 21.

Most congregations are drifting toward catastrophe and destruction. Lyle Schaller said a few years ago that we close over 3500 congregations a year. I bet that number is growing. From what I see around me those under 40 have little or no time for irrelevant formulas and meaningless rituals. From what I see around me most of the "mainline" congregations are 20 years or less from closure.

Yet I have friends in other countries who are experiencing quite the opposite story. Many people are finding new life, faith, hope in Jesus. Many people are hearing good news and responding by life changing spiritual awakenings.

So it is time to link you thoughts with purpose. Without this link there can be no accomplishment of purpose. Think about your situation today. Why are doing what your doing? Why are you continuing to fight against those who resist and detest change. Get out of there. Find a place where you can link thought and purpose.

I think if you are in a congregation that is dying it is time to abandon that ship. Staying with the Titanic is not faith. It is time for irrelevant congregations to die. Why would God bless irrelevancy? Why would God sustain that which does not serve the purpose of new life?

If you don't know your purpose, get alone with God and find it out. It is the only way to avoid destruction.