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Feb 14, 2016
Back from India

The past days have found my wife and I ministering in India. In must tell you what a life changing experience. In a country that is 78% Hindu and only 2.3% Christian, it is amazing to be part of the 2.3%. I worked with pastors of all ages. I am so impressed by their passion for Jesus, their dedication to their mission and their faith in God.

I am more and more convinced that the church in America, and perhaps The USA are in their death throws. Last year in another country and this year in India has shown me that here in the US the church is mostly convience and prostitution. It embarrasses me that I was a part of that convience and a whore for the pimps in the modern day church.

Standing by people who had their houses and churches burnt, by people who had their parents killed, their property destroyed, their lively hoods robbed from them, all because they follow Jesus, was life changing. Seeing what living for Jesus when it might cost you everything made me dedicate my life to standing along side of the church in other countries. It also made me dedicate my life to the cause of Jesus in the th USA. I am not sure how that is going to look. Right now it feels more like Amos speaking to the fat cows of Bashan.

So if you want to rally help the cause of Christ in India or other places, call me, email me. I have lots of ways you can help.