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Feb 14, 2007
A Push For Prayer

I have had quite a few pastors ask me, “what is the number one best thing I can do to improve the current situation with my congregation?”

With out question the number one things is to pray.

I have said that often and will continue to say that. In May (7-10) I will lead an on line EBA Seminar on Growing a Congregation with Prayer (see

Prayer is the back-bone of any transformation of lives and congregations. Lives and churches change in proportion to the amount of prayer directed at them. If I were to tell you all the people who agree with this, I would not have the time to list them all. Every effective pastor knows the crucial role prayer plays in transformation of churches and lives.

Please go to and check out Terry Teykl.

In the past year I have been fortunate to lead a number of prayer seminars for congregations. Each seminar has lead to increased faithfulness, dedication and commitment to the cause of Christ. Each Seminar has raised up new leaders and followers of Jesus. Each seminar has helped the pastoral leadership to go further toward their goal of living out the Great Commandment and the Great Commission.

Prayer is not a panacea. But prayer is effective, cumulative, essential and transformational.

How can I help your congregation pray more, pray more effectively, and experience more transformation? Write me