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Feb 14, 2006
Make Your Marriage Better!

Happy Valentine's Day!!

All you married pastors out there know how important your spouses are to your life, your health and your well being. I know this risks making you feel guilty because you work over 80 hours a week on a slow week and wonder why life isn‚t much fun. Trust me, your spouse wonders the same thing.

So in February it is time for you to take a step back and evaluate your marriage. Here are a few good places to start:

Do you have a "date night"?

Do you have a time, twice a year, when you "get away" for an "overnighter"?

Do you make time for each other each week, when your spouse has your complete attention for at least 60 minutes?

Do you pray with each other on a regular basis? (Give yourself 20 extra points if your pray together each day.)

Do you read similar books occasionally and talk about them?

Do you touch (non-sexual touching please) your spouse in ways that remind her/him how much you care?

Do you say thank you and please frequently?

Do you look into your spouse's eyes and say "I love you" once a day? Ever?

So, hey, keep your priorities right.
Enjoy your life˜it‚s the only one you get.
Enjoy your family, you only have one chance.
Enjoy your marriage˜you only have today.

Later, I'm out dating my wife,


(And for all those you who are single out there, here is your chance to learn a lesson from the first "pick up" artist-Adam)


10. You know you‚re the Only one for me.
9. Do you come here often?
8. Trust me, this was meant to be.
7. Look around you baby, all the other males here are animals.
6. You feel like a part of me already.
5. We were made for each other
4. Why don‚t you come over to my place and we can name a few animals.
3. You are the girl of my dreams. (what is a girl?)
2. I like a girl who doesn't mind being ribbed.
1. You are the apple of my eye.