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Feb 13, 2005
CD Review Jesse Crowe "Falling Castles"

This month I want to introduce you to someone new. Jesse Crowe and his Band “Crowe” have released Falling Castles, a tremendously tight group of songs composed and played by Jesse and the band. Jesse’s sound is fresh, pumped acoustic with words that speak to the hearts of those alienated from traditional “church”. While the CD was released in 2003, it’s sound and message is fresh.

The first song, “Alien”, talks about being a stranger to this world, an alien “since God came near.” Jesse is an alien. Fresh honest, brutal, to the point. No religious fakery here. As you watch Jesse lead in worship ( a new church south of Birmingham Alabama, you will note the ever present smile and delight in this shy, gifted musician. O yea, the hat is permanent gear too!

My favorite song on the CD is “We Were Kings” a fabulous tribute to all those who think the brick and mortal denominations will survive without changing. After a great acoustic opening the words of this song smack you right between the eyes. Check it out ( go to listen and click on “we were kings”)

The will come from all over, just to see the remains
Of the stone and the mortar that slowly crumbled away.
They will tell their children how great it was.
But they will be without explanation to why it’s all gone.
They will say:
We were kings of this glorious ruin
And our castles reached to sky
Slowly it fell to pieces, but we don’t know why, we don’t know why.
We think we are wealthy, we think we are so wise
Too busy boasting to see our demise.
We will leave this kingdom to a place where God is King
Patiently he will lead us out of this complacency.
But do we really want to leave here…we were kings of this glorious ruin…
Jesus we need you to open up our eyes.

But Jesse isn’t just prophetic; he has a heart for worship. As in “Dream Dancer”,

The scars of your short comings, they’ve cut you deeper than you think
And they say there’s always someone a little more trained,
So you hide in the shadows and your soul retreats,
But God is calling you to come
And serve him in the way that you love, dreamer…
Come to Me dream dancer, you dance so perfect
And the way you move is so fine
Move out and dance with dreams so daring
With your heart and hand in Mine.

God is calling you dreamer
God is calling you.

Visit Jesse online at I know Jesse is working on his second CD and it should be out soon. I’ll be waiting.