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Feb 11, 2008
Do you want to be made well?

In my consulting lately two themes have been dominate.

A. All congregations want to be different, what some might call "healthy" or what I would say would be healed and "well."

B. All congregations think going from dysfunctional to functional ought to be easy.

I have learned to question both assertions.

Jesus asked the guy by the pool, "do you want to be well?" The guy gave all kinds of excuses why he wasn't. Listen to the question! Do you want to be well?

Each church member ought to ask that same question. But take heed it is dangerous. What happens when you get individually well? You see the greater dysfunction of the church, system, denomination.

Given the hard work it requires to be functional, I would want to re-examine that question. Do you want to be well?

Then know the path is not going to be easy.