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Feb 07, 2020

Snow Flake Warning:::

This morning I heard two lectures. Unfortunately, I am a life long learner and I have an addiction to learning. Being a counselor, I am particularly interested in how humans think/function (knowing and doing) and more importantly who they are (being). In her novelette, "Anthem" Ayn Rand promotes the centrality of being. Who I am will dictate what I think and do. I am an individual with responsibility for myself. I am not a victim (although I have been the object of many unfair, unkind, and at times life-threatening events (stabbing, accidents). Yet the conviction of my individuality and my responsibility for my thoughts/actions lie with me and me alone and my sense of self is based on who I think I am. Rand calls this freedom, and I agree with her. "I". "This is the word we must not mention, the thought we must not have. " The two things this morning which were of great help was the short (3 min) discussion of Intersectionality. (see Prager University, Jordan Peterson on Intersectionality. The other thing was the reading of some Marxist literature that takes the entire "intersectionality/victim thing" and lays it over society. Society is the problem. In Marxist thought, you make a straw man/woman and blame it for everything. Particularly, you take Capitalism, blame it for all the woes of humankind, replace it with socialism (which destroys individuality-makes everyone a victim, except those in power). To get there, you have to convince people (either by force of repetition of lies or the easier way...Disarm them and kill them if they disagree.) But once you surrender all your rights, methods of protection, and give all that power to a centralized thing (government) you get Russia/China/North Korea/Venezuela. [Please, Denmark/Sweden are not socialist. They are free-market democracies with failing socialist programs they are trying to correct to prevent financial collapse. ]

What if, what if...lack of personal responsibility is at the core of human woes, and it isn't Capitalism (which people in Hong Kong are dying for and many Marxist edcuated American College students are brainwashed with)?

So now go to the Daily Wire and watch this morning's Andrew Klaven show (2/6/20) .

let me know what you think. Please don't yell, curse or threaten me for breaking out of the Marxist brainwashing. I have a certain skill set ....Well you know what that might mean...then again...its a perfect intersection of responsibility.