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Feb 05, 2020
Orwell/Huxley (among others) Predicted This

Orwell and Huxley (among others) predicted this. We are in a new era...No one has the facts. And we forget that Facts don’t care about your feelings. Hearsay, Gossip, are not facts. Presumptions are not facts. Judging motives that you can’t know is not fact. We will make mountains out of molehills, slander those who don't agree rather than argue facts, ignore history and are doomed to repeat lessons our great-great-grandparents learned through blood, sweat, and tears. We pick a side and defend it and ignore the chink in our own armor. We are so busy accepting the gossip we like that we don’t want to see even if there are facts. We make a narrative that fits our individual bias and personal leanings, forgetting that the great deceiver is deceiving us now, asking us to continue to hate, kill, steal, destroy each other. We unfriend each other when we can’t agree. We have bought the lie that to love me you must agree with me. Glad I am not married to a person who thinks like that. We will call good-evil, and call evil good. We will stand in our hallowed halls of worship and recite the creeds and deny it in our thoughts and writings and by our actions. We will affirm God's love, and grieve about the poor, then we waste 85% of our tithes and offerings on buildings and staff. We will insist on God's understanding and forgiveness of our shortcomings and never allow another's sin to go unpublished let alone forgiven. We say a person did terrible things when they were younger and that means now we can’t trust them. You would reject the apostle were he to seek to join your community…never fear, he would not, nor do most of the people who live near you. We will use text to prove our point, and never take the teachings as a whole. Jesus said, You will have poor always. Do you think he was wrong? Do you think that gives an excuse for you to run to either extreme: Ignore the poor after all we will have them always, or sell everything and give it to the poor, then you can be poor too. We think we are righteous because we give out of our excesses a pittance to the poor. We proclaim Jesus as the answer and retire to homes of luxury thinking we have done a good thing. We will throw out inconvenient passages of the New Testament because those words no longer are inspired or authoritative, let alone God-breathed. We will allow humans to be trapped in lifestyles that lead to a 48% suicide rate and blame their deaths on our narrow-minded notion that both evolutionarily and Biblically those lifestyles are void of meaning. We will wear clothes to denote our separateness, robes to imply power, bellicosity to mentally strip and demean, sacramental nonsense to keep hierarchal falseness a function of our lust for power. I'd rather hear a devout person tell me about their journey in the faith and how they practically demonstrated God’s love than listen to theologically trained assholes who can quote greek and don’t really give a damn about people. The narcissism that makes you feel good running your mouth at people, dressed in your fine garments with stripes on your sleeve is destroying the people before you. Your hypocritical thinking, lying and distortion of anything that gets in the way of their pension, salary, or another socialistic leeching off the working people they enslave is disgusting.

You can’t bitch without a corrective:
Tell the GD truth. If you didn’t see it you don’t know it. if you heard it, you have a 35% you heard it correctly. If you presume, assume, or think for one GD moment you know what the other person meant, you are in delusion.

Speak precisely. You can’t do that on Facebook or in a Tweet. Stop thinking you understand the tweets you read. You don’t know most of the people. If you want to have an in-depth conversation, I’d do that. I will respect you. You are allowed to be angry. What you can control is not getting angry but what you do with that anger once it sits in your lap. Generalities are generally false.

Listen intensively. and know you do no get it the first time. The more nuanced the subject and arguments, the more important it is for you to listen carefully.

He said he didn’t do it.
The person he was talking with said It didn’t happen.
The written transcript has no mention of it.
The whistleblower was not on the call.
The money was held up, he said because of suspected corruption ($85,000 a month salary in the Oil and gas industry to someone who knows nothing about oil and gas, who happens to be the son of a man who just got a prosecutor fired for investigating the company the man works for).
The executive branch has the obligation to investigate when corruption is suspected.
The money was given before the deadline.
The country didn’t suspect the money was being withheld.

But his motive….

If we tried every man who looked with “lust” in his eye, for adultery. Jimmy Carter would be executed, by his own words, as would I and most likely you. But there was no act, no engagement, “I did not have sex with that woman”. Am I still guilty, because I had a motive? yes. Did I commit a crime? you might say, Yes a thought crime. Was there an act? no. Was there a crossing of physical boundaries? No. Can you, any of you, without sin, now condemn me for my thoughts/motives that you think are sin?