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Feb 04, 2009
Seeing the Shadows

Perspective is everything.

God has the ultimate perspective. God is able to see things as they are. Humans don't have that ability. As Paul wrote, "now we see dimly."

When we think we have a good view of God (or anything) often it is only God's Shadow. Being finite we can't see it all.

I wonder what would happen if at your next board/session/consistory meeting you would help each person to own a few things:
1. Their perspective is simply that, their--it may not be mine.
2. Their perspective is not the entire or whole picture.
3. God has the whole perspective (and we aren't God).
4. We all see dimly.

Well Phil saw his shadow...6 more weeks of winter

For some this is bad news. For owners of ski resorts it could be great news.

It all depends on which side of the street you stand when you see things.

Living here in the Shadowlands (read C.S. Lewis) we at best see only the shadows. We need each other to get a clearly and more whole perspective.

and enjoy the next six weeks of winter!