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Feb 03, 2006
Two Great Books and One Great CD!

The 1Thing by Tom and Joani Schultz
Flashbang by MarkSteele
Todd Agnew—Reflections of Something:

Ground hog day...saw my shadow at 7:32 AM...six more weeks of winter--its been 50 degrees or better all of January. I want winter...haven't been skiing yet.

I have been referred to the following books and found the this great CD. Read on.

If you are in a congregation and you are attempting to turn it around, I would recommend the Schultz's book. You might see yourself and it might make you angry. Is your congregation more like a police station (rules), a political action committee (many current issues are your chief concern), a Theater (actors and audience, participants and observers) or a museum (worshiping the past, the walls, the picture of all the dead pastors) or a mortuary (do you need to spell that out)?

Of course these are things most congregations are. Not sure I could limit it to just one at a time. The Schultz's say these "distractions" are the same that Martha faced that day with Jesus...But she choose the "1 thing" , a relationship with Jesus.

If you are working more outside the challenge of transforming an existing congregation or you are in a house church, you might be helped by reading Flashbang. Trust me the chapter titles will make sense once you finish the chapter. One moment you are laughing, one moment crying, one moment wonder what is he trying to say, the next having an argument with your own brain on why his conclusions won't work for you. Subtitle, "getting over yourself". Now who couldn’t use that? When you are done with the book I wonder if you will think that most of the people leading congregations have a great deal of flashbang in them. How much in you?

Todd Agnew...real, raw, powerful, raspy voice prophet for the next generation, yea younger than me and most likely you. If this was on "" or a "blog" or "" perhaps you would be young enough to get it.

Todd asks,
Which Jesus do you follow?
Which Jesus do you serve?
If Ephesians says to imitate Christ,
then why do you look so much like the world?
Old problem. Great question.

I think the answers are in the books above. I leave them there for you and pray that your journey with Jesus will propel you into the next day/month/year..

Oh, the rest of the CD is great!