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Dec 31, 2009
Welcome 2010

To 2009 I bid farewell! It was a typical year, no matter the hype given it. Yes there were some remarkable events! Some of those events were welcomed by some-resented by others.

2009 made me more aware of three things:

1) Jesus and our relationship with Jesus is priority. As the organized, hierarchal church continues to decline and face demise, our relationships with Jesus and what the early church knew will be crucial to us all.

2) Our relationships with other is what really matters. Spouse, family, extended family, friends, sojourners on this path of life are what really count. How many will be there for you when your world explodes, when your fortunes fail you? How open are you to others and their needs? How caring are you to those who count on you.

3) Government is best when it is least. As America faces the future spending untold monies this wonderful experiment (democracy) will be tested and some say destroyed. I think the people will rise to the occasion and we will prevail. As government continues to grow the demise will be faster and upon you like a lion. Get out of debt now! Get your financial life in order. Understand it isn't the party that matters (Dem, Repub or Tea)...more government is a recipe for disaster.

I look forward to the future, unafraid, because while I don't know what the future holds, I do know who holds the future.

Keep Shining Bright