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Dec 30, 2008
One Thing Remains

Two more days until 2009. I wonder what will the year hold?

For many the new year promises look dim, cloudy. A quick glance at the headlines on any day will show a world in peril and humanity at risk. Oil prices may, at the moment, be low, but so is the Stock Market and confidence of many seems shaken. I talk to a number of people who tell me the next depression will begin January 21, 2009. I pray they are wrong.

One thing is for sure, all under the sun is vanity, a chasing after the wind. Twenty years ago a youth group I worked with did a Broadway play about Vanity. The message of that musical still resonates in my ears. Most of life is a chasing after the wind, a storing up of treasures we canít use and canít take with us. Most of life is a worrying about things that donít matter.

Only Godís love in Jesus really matters. Only that love, reflected in our lives, really makes any difference.

The rest is vanity.