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Dec 29, 2004
Tsunami Prayer Request

At this moment thousands are dying, millions are grieving and even more are touched by the vast destruction of life which occured this week in Asia. There are special task forces in most denominations that are mobilizing funds and emergency relief for these devastated areas. But what can you do?

That is simple.

Pray for those who greiving, numb, in shock.
Pray for those who have lost everything.
Pray for the health workers, doctors, emergency workers.
Pray for the men and women who are trying to bury the dead.
Pray for the men and women who are on their way to bring supplies.

And give. If we all gave ten dollars. There are 290 million Americans. Ten dollars to the Red Cross or to your denominational relief agency.

And make sure they use the money for relief, not to pad some plush office on Riverside Drive, NY.

But most importantly...


Contributions can be made through the Central Pennsylvania Conference for UMCOR'S "South Asia Emergency" relief efforts. Make your check payable to CPC and note on the memo line Advance#274305 "South Asia Emergency". Thank you for caring. send to Central PA Conference UMC, 303 Mulberry Drive, Mechanicsburg, PA 17050-3141