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Dec 26, 2006
“2007” A New Year, Another Opportunity

Some say that each year you and I have an opportunity. Fact is we have that opportunity each day. We can make something with our lives or we can blame others for our situation and stagnate. The choice remains ours.

Either way, you and I have that choice today, this week, each day, every week. What choice will you make? What will you do with the 525,600 minutes? How will you measure a year in your life?

Let me offer three suggestions that might help us make 2007 a Year of opportunity.

1) Get to know Jesus…not about Jesus…not religion…Jesus! (read the gospels for a clue and leave the commentary at home. Allow God to speak to you through the words of Jesus and do the third step below.)
2) Love Exuberantly. Practice loving others. Some are hard, some are impossible. But Jesus said, “love your enemies.”
3) Pray more. Not religious “O thou unknowable Other” but talk with God and listen…God wants to talk to you. Be open but test what you hear.

I hope your 2007 is the best year ever!