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Dec 24, 2016
Merry Christmas

Wow! Its Christmas Eve. Where did the time go? Another year is down and we are once again celebrating God's invasion into this world, Jesus Christ.

It has been a difficult year for many. Some, especially those who have it pretty well are still hurting about an election. Others, especially those in countries where the standard of living isn't as good, are trying to survive. I think of the families I met in the Bhubaneswar Slums today. 35 acres, 45,000 running water, no privacy, limited opportunities, and yet I remember the smiles on their faces.

It has been a years in which more people I know and love have graduated to that choir which sings praises eternally. I will miss each one, but I am glad they are "home" for Christmas. (Thank you Stephen Curtis Chapman for that song).

I hope tonight, if you have "pastoral responsibilities" you say something about God's unconditional love and endless grace. I hope tonight you celebrate God's invasion into this world and what that can mean for all of us who tonight struggle with life's cruelty. I hope tonight when you lead people in worship you will not take an offering. Its not about the money. Its about giving away hope, peace, life--Jesus!

And if we have crossed paths this year--or even been on opposite sides of the road--I want you to know I have been blessed by our interaction. Iron sharpens Iron, but rarely without a few sparks or a small fire. Thank you for you! For God in you and in your lives. You have touched me and I appreciate you.

Merry Christmas Eve