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Dec 24, 2015
Merry Christmas Eve

It is my hope and prayer that you have a very blessed Christmas. I think there are three things which would help you to experience the blessedness of Christmas.

1. Get to know Jesus. Forget what you have experienced in church or in the past. If it isn't about Jesus, forget it. He is literally the reason for the season.

2. Understand the most of the nonsense of this season is a lie. He wasn't born in December. Wise men showed up 2 years later. Herod killed lots of children trying to destroy Jesus...for many the birth of Jesus was the ushering in of a time of great loss. It will cost you too if you welcome Jesus into your heart. So get passed the nonsense. It isn't the snow, it isn't the gifts, it isn't the food.

3. RELAX. God is the only one capable of giving the perfect gift. Don't chase the illusions. Relax...Listen...go outside this Christmas eve night and look up. Listen. God is still speaking, still sending Angels, still bringing good news of great joy that is for all people...that includes you!!! His name is Jesus...

Merry Christmas