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Dec 21, 2012
Guns Rights and the 2nd Amendment

I wrote this to Geraldo Rivera this morning…thought it worth the reposting of it here. if you don't like debate don't read it.

Dear Mr. Rivera,

I too am a Member of the NRA. I too am saddened by each senseless murder in this country, over 14,000 a year (a rate that is declining, especially in places where the citizens own and carry firearms--FBI statistics, 2011).

But I fear you might as well cut your card up now. I want you to have this email before the NRA news conference today.

I have many guns, for all kinds of purposes: Hunting, sport shooting (clay birds), long range targets and self defense. In my locked safe are all kinds of guns, passed down from generations to generations.

What are the two most dangerous guns in my safe? They are not my AR-15's. Ask police, military people and emergency room doctors.

My most dangerous gun is a semi-automatic 22. It has a large capacity and it is capable of firing bullets that do great damage. You see a 22, once it enters a body (animal or human) fragments and travels. Ask emergency room doctors. Any there has never been a ban on 22's because most people don't know how destructive they are.

My second most dangerous gun is a gun I use to hunt duck and pheasants with. It is a Remington 11-87, semi-automatic (there are no legal "automatic" guns you can hunt with in the US) shotgun. It can hold between 7 and 9 shells. It is the based on the gun John Browning designed for the military in the first world war. Why? Because loaded with "00 buck shot"(containing between 9 and 15, 30 caliber balls) one buck shot shell can inflict massive damage to a number of people as the shot spreads as the distance grows. There are literally millions of these guns in the homes of hunters. A person with this gun can do more damage with 9 shells than you can with 30, 223 shells (AR-15).

The third most dangerous gun in my safe is my deer rifle. It is a semi-automatic 30.06. It has a 10 shot clip and there are 30 shot clips that one can have for it. The 30.06 is over twice the size of a 223 (Ar-15) round, and can travel much further and is capable of killing an elephant.

So why ban AR-15's? Because the public is emotional and easily swayed. Because the public does not know the difference between my 22 semi-auto and a 223 semi auto or a 30 caliber semi-auto. Why ban the AR-15? because it is a foot in the door to eventually ban all semi-automatic guns or, like Briton or Australia, ban all guns (except at shooting clubs, really???). Your lack of knowledge in these areas is immense. There are over 90 million gun owners and while I can't speak for them, I can speak for me. I will not surrender my 2nd Amendment rights just because our society is bankrupt of courage to defend our children from crazy people. It is my hope that the NRA would have a brief statement today that expresses sorry for the loss but at the same time holds the ground on gun rights. Whether or not the NRA does that today, I will hold the ground for myself.

You see, Mr. Rivera, 99.9% of us who own guns will never use those guns in any illegal way. Why should we be punished because mentally troubled people have illegal access to something (guns, cars, alcohol, drugs)?

I can almost guarantee you that if AR-15 are "banned", you won't stop anything. Someone will figure out that 22 semi-autos or 11-87's can do more damage and simply use them. Eventually, given your logic, I will have to get rid of my kitchen knife (which is what the Chinese man used to slash 22 school children with last week) because of the danger it might be in the wrong hands.

I am more than willing to talk with you about this, but mostly I am appreciate that our 1st amendment rights, which have been protected by the 2nd amendment rights, give me this opportunity to address you about this issue.

Thank you

Jeffrey Patton

what do you think?

anyone have a rebuttal?