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Dec 20, 2005
May You Have a Scrooge Christmas!

“Old Marley was Dead, dead as a door-nail!” What a great way to start a Christmas story. And Dickens knew how to tell a Christmas story that is both timeless, transformational and compelling.
I read A Christmas Carol every year. I learn more every year, mostly because I am different every year. I learn that God can use anything God wants to change a life, to awaken the dead, and to bring new life. I learn that “Christmas present” is a joyful and short time that must be experienced with your entire heart and soul. You must celebrate the season, the reason, the people. Enjoy!!!
I learn that “church” hasn’t changed much…we still want to hide the poor from our sight. We don’t want to think of those less off. We want more toys, more things, more pageants, more people, so we might have more reasons to ignore those right in front of us in need. So shine up the horns, bring out the choirs, buy the new dress, lavish out the eggnog…And make the season all about us.
That is why Christmas future is so important. The chains that Old Marley drags are our chains…the chains of our own making, the labor of our own hands, the bondage of our own choosing.
It is my prayer that this Christmas you shake off the bonds that ruin Christmas. Learn the lesson of Scrooge. Your life can be different. You can enjoy life as God has given it to you. Your past does not have to determine your future. The change of one heart will have ripple effects in the lives of others, literally saving their lives. And maybe, just maybe, learn that a life lived in the love of God in Jesus Christ can literally change the world!
A Blessed Christmas to you all.